Vascular Imaging – Playlist

This playlist covers a range of topics in vascular imaging including general concepts about how to approach brain and neck vascular imaging, what intracranial aneurysms, are, and how to improve your aneurysm search pattern.

You can learn more about other concepts in vessel imaging and other abnormalities on the vascular imaging page. If you haven’t already, you might consider taking a look at the vascular imaging capstone course. Also, please check out our full channel on Youtube.

Fast 10 – High speed case review

These videos focus on going quickly through neuroradiology cases, spending about 1 minute per case to get you through 10 cases in 10 minutes. Ideal for a quick review before an exam or neuroradiology rotation. An ideal way to go through a lot of cases quickly.

Each case shows a couple of images with a multiple choice question, followed by a quick review of the answer and the diagnosis.

If you prefer longer versions of these cases, check out the full “Neuroradiology board review cases – All” playlist on YouTube

Emergency Imaging of Brain Tumors

This playlist covers the imaging of brain tumors in an emergency setting, with particular emphasis on how a general radiologist might approach these cases and how to formulate a smart differential on CT.

You can learn more about brain tumors on the brain tumor topic page. Also, please check out our full channel on Youtube.

Board Review Cases – All topics

This playlist is a collection of all the board review style cases on the site. All the board review style cases on the site in one place! These cases are geared towards preparation for the radiology resident ABR core exam, although similar material is used for the ABR certifying exam general and neuroradiology sections as well as neuroradiology CAQ.

The format of this playlist is case-based. Each case consists of a series of images followed by 1 or 2 questions. The first question is usually to name the diagnosis, while the second is a multiple choice question to test deeper understanding of the specific condition. Try to get the diagnosis before you see the second questions.

If you prefer, check out the full “Neuroradiology board review cases – All” playlist on YouTube.


Neuroradiology Board Review 2022 – Brain Tumors

Welcome to this new board review series for 2022. In this series, we are going to focus on all things brain tumors that you might need to know as you prepare for the American Board of Radiology exams. While these videos are geared towards those taking the ABR core exam, they would also be useful for people taking the certifying or certificate of added qualification (CAQ) in neuroradiology exam.

There are going to be a total of 20 cases covering the most common brain tumors you might encounter in neuroradiology practice. Each one will have a series of images followed by 1 or 2 questions you can answer on your own as you follow along. Then there will be an explanation of the answers before you can move on.

By doing this series, hopefully you can quickly cover everything you need to know about brain tumors.

If you have not yet seen the other board review videos, I recommend you check out the categorized board review page.

Imaging Spine Tumors

Spine tumors can be a challenging topic for a neuroradiologist because we deal less with tumors in the spinal cord and spinal canal. However, there is a relatively simple approach that can hep you hone your differential diagnosis. This involves taking a location-based approach which divides the spinal canal into 3 main regions. This series of videos shows the general approach as well as specifics about making a differential diagnosis in each of these locations.

Be sure to check back often as more videos are added that cover your favorite neuroradiology exams, or check out our full channel on Youtube.

Temporal bone

This is a collection of videos about the temporal bone. The temporal bone can be intimidating, especially to those just beginning their review of temporal bone imaging, particularly computed tomography (CT). These videos show you a systematic approach to the temporal bone which can help you master the basics and give you a foundation as you move on to learning more specifics about the pathology.

Vascular imaging of the head and neck course

This is a short course in learning about vascular imaging of the head and neck. The first videos have an overview of how to approach these studies, while the additional videos show you specific cases.

The cases are accessible on the vascular capstone page to view them yourself.

Multiple sclerosis – white spots and red flags

Demyelinating disease is a common situation we encounter in neuroradiology, and properly diagnosing and tracking it using MRI is a key skill for neuroradiologists. In this two part lecture, Dr. Michael Hoch instructs us on how to approach white matter abnormalities in the brain and use them towards making a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. The first part is focused on key tips on making a diagnosis of demyelinating disease while the second is focused on potential pitfalls.

Be sure to watch them both to get the complete overview of imaging findings of common autoimmune and inflammatory conditions.

Imaging CNS autoimmune and inflammatory disease

This playlist is a case-based review of autoimmune and inflammatory conditions that can be seen in neuroradiology. MRI findings in the brain and spine are discussed. Common conditions are covered, including demyelinating disease, encephalitis, masslike disease like sarcoid and orbital inflammatory disease, spine inflammatory disease, amyloid, and vascular processes.

Be sure to watch them all to get the complete overview of imaging findings of common autoimmune and inflammatory conditions.