Comprehensive courses

On the site, we have a few comprehensive courses which are excellent starting places for beginners to learn about a specific topic. These often have some introductory lectures and content followed by interactive cases that you can browse on your own in the web browser.

Brain imaging capstone

This course is an introduction to brain imaging. This includes an introductory session to brain imaging and a session on how to review imaging on your own with confidence and develop your own search pattern so you can recognize important findings. In this interactive session, you will have a series of scrollable cases that you can evaluate through a web-based PACS and we will guide you through as you identify some common diagnoses, such as stroke, hemorrhage, brain tumors, and infection. At the end of this course, you will have gained a deeper understanding of how to use brain imaging to answer different clinical questions and tangible skills about how to review imaging on your own as a resident. 

Vascular imaging capstone

This course is an introduction to vascular imaging of the head and neck. We’ll start with some general principles, such as the types of imaging that are used and when you might want to perform them. Then, you’ll have some interactive cases you can use to follow along and learn how to read vascular imaging on your own.