Vascular imaging

Vascular imaging, including CT angiography (CTA), MR angiography (MRA), and catheter angiography are a big part of neuroradiology. When vascular abnormalities are suspected because of clinical exam or findings on other imaging, such as CT or MRI, angiographic exams provide a dedicated way to look for abnormalities in the vasculature. The most common indications for vascular imaging are stroke, subarachnoid hemorrhage, or suspected vascular anomaly/malformation.

We will gradually add information about vascular imaging to this page. For now, check out some of the sample cases on the vascular capstone course below.

Vascular capstone course

This page contains sample scrollable cases used in the medical student vascular capstone course that we teach at Emory University. There are 4 cases that you can load with several questions about each one. Scroll through the cases and see if you can answer the questions.

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