Trainee Guides

A variety of learners at different stages of their education will be exposed to radiology, ranging from medical students all the way through advanced fellows and faculty/staff. The learning needs of each will be different, with beginning learners benefiting more from basic material and more advanced learners needing high level material that discusses high level topics in detail.

The content of this website covers this entire range of learners and seeks to make neuroradiology more accessible to those in all stages. To make this easier, video and text posts are categorized by whether they may be more suited to medical students, residents, or fellows. Many times, there is overlap, with content that is potentially beneficial to more than one level.

Medical practitioners in other specialties or non-physician roles may also benefit from this site, although it is not as easy to categorize content by level, as it will be individualized to each user. An advanced resident or fellow in neurology or neurosurgery may be closest to a radiology fellow, while those in specialties that use less imaging may be closer to medical students. Feel free to explore and see which level of content works best for you.

The sections in this page give you links to the appropriate content in two forms:

  1. Selected guides with custom content geared towards each trainee level.
  2. Links to all posts which are appropriate to that training level.

More detailed searches can be performed via the search bar at the bottom.

Medical students

Medical students are often exposed to radiology during mandatory or elective clerkships during their third and fourth years of medical school. Basic knowledge of scan types, their utilization, and common conditions can be useful.


Guide: Medical Students


All posts: Medical students


Residents begin radiology training in their second postgraduate year (PGY2) and continue through PGY5. There is a wide range in knowledge, as there is a steep learning curve during this time. However, there is a range of key topics which should be understood by all radiology residents.


Guide: Residents


All posts: Residents


Unlike medical students and residents, fellows should be performing at a relatively high level already. Learn how to take your skills to the next level as you prepare to get a job and take the ABR certifying and CAQ exams.


Guide: Fellows


All posts: Fellows