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Emory Case of the Day is a radiology educational project run by Ryan Peterson, MD, one of the faculty neuroradiologists at Emory University. These cases are presented weekly on Dr. Peterson’s Twitter page, with the case answers presented later. Join in the fun on Twitter, where you can respond to the cases in real time. Just follow the rules of keeping it moderately professional, as Twitter is a public forum which can be seen by other professionals as well as patients.

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Cases will be posted here after the answers are available on Twitter. Check in on the most recent cases, or check out the entire archive of cases below.

Most Recent Case

Neuroradiology physics review – 2 – Magnetic Resonance Imaging

By | Board ReviewBrain

Jan 18, 2020

Neuroradiology physics review – 2 – Magnetic Resonance Imaging It’s important for the neuroradiologist to have a basic grasp of physics, particularly in the ways that it may affect image quality. In this video, Dr. Michael Hoch goes through a series of 13 MRI cases on physics. Each case is followed by one or more […]


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