Brain MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) sequences overview

For those aspiring radiologists out there, do you know how to tell the difference in sequences on an MRI of the brain? Has anyone ever sat down with at the PACS station to show you what each sequence is and why you might look at it?

For those non-radiologists out there, have you ever wondered what exactly is going through a radiologists mind as they look through the images?

This video attempts to demystify a lot of that by showing exactly what types of images (sequences) make up a brain MRI, both for a routine noncontrast MRI or an MRI with contrast. It starts from the beginning and shows you what kind of images you have and where to begin as you scroll through. This also shows you a little bit of the search pattern you might employ as you look at the different images.

The level of this video is appropriate for medical students, junior residents, and trainees in other specialties who have an interest in neuroradiology. It may also be of interest to those with an interest in radiology who are simply curious to learn more about radiology.

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